HomesteadSweethearts.com is a blog dedicated to following the random habits of the Sweethearts: Avery and Naomi. It follows their crazy adventures, fascination with new hobbies, and happy relationship.

Avery is known for his love of doing things 100% by hand. He loves woodworking with his antique tool collection, spending way too much money on old guns that he likes to clean up, and reading things that bore Naomi to tears like taxes. To be fair he only has read four tax books and the rest are actually pretty fun. He dropped out of college and wants to prove that college isn’t the only route to being successful and well educated. He also loves to pick on Naomi and tease her because he thinks it funny how she gets worked up.

Naomi is known for her love of cooking and crafting. Avery likes to remind her that she wasn’t a “real” 4-H kid because she only did the crafting competitions. She likes to remind him that he is not getting anything she bakes or cooks for the next week and he shuts up (she is also known for being fairly sassy). She loves to also do things the “old-fashion” way because it just seems so much more satisfying. She currently is in college studying International Business and enjoys helping others survive and thrive in their finances and class work! She very much loves how Avery pushes her out of her comfort zone and makes her try new things.

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